Friday, April 9, 2010

Flickr Inspiration

Hi ladiezzzzz!!!!!!!!!,

Any one a little off color today ,
Come Check these out....
I just can't take my eyes off it.
Some vintage jewelry elegantly arranged.....A PERFECT PICTURE

 Photo by sherrysrosecottage

Indian Pearls and stone studded jewelry
Photo by suchitra prints

Some more Inspiration......

Photo by  itsjustminna 

Who said diamonds are girls best friends,so are pearls  
Hope you enjoyed this post on my flickr fav's

Friday, April 2, 2010

An Evening with Antiquity

Another one in the series................
Live in an apartment like me?there is nothing much we can do with our outdoors.
having a terrace is like a blessing in disguise,check out these antique restored reproduction furniture.
a country style decor for your terrasse.

I am loving it...........

A closer look

Restored antique benches

I am leaving you with these pics and your imagination for the week end
Have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An evening with Antiquity

Check out this antique swing(reproduction out of an antique bench)

Lovely! relaxing on this with a cup of  ginger tea(Garam Chai) in the evening will make my day for sure.
Go swing up, swing out, swing in, swing to the clouds!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Origami in Home Decor

What will you do if you find a sheet of paper.I will fold it fold it in such a way that it turns out to be  a Rose or a Tulip or a Lilly.That's the art of origami getting creative with paper without glue.This art doesn't involve cutting or pasting,it is process of paper folding.Origami is a incredible art with its roots in japan(some claim it to be china).
Check out some master pieces by the masters themselves.
Trio from the Lord of the rings by Eric Joisel

Done by origami veteran Dr. Robert J. Lang
Aren't they jaw dropping!Why go for origami inspired home decor when we can make some.
check out some ideas which are cost effective and easy to make.
Added to all that we do for home sweet home,why don't we add a personal touch with Origami as well.
Lets start with flowers.

 Who said they are not real.
Photo by: rodrigofavera
The paper crane is the poster child of origami.
Imagine blends of this kind,oh sooo lovely!I am thinking to make one.
 Photo by blmurch

Check out this,Origami paper lamp.I wonder if that doesn't heat up
Photo by jonboy_mitchell

There are zillions of tutorials for origami ,take one and start a DIY project.I am doing one for sure this summer.How about you????

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Heaven on Earth-Picturesque Araku

This post is going to be different,b 'coz I am taking about my ultimate inspiration for decor –Nature.
I sometimes wonder how lord created such a beautiful home for us to live in. I feel like bringing the outdoors into indoors.
India is a land of many surprises and a true destination for nature lovers.
One such heaven on earth for me is a thousand kilometer coastal line of Bay of Bengal,Andhra Pradesh.My home town Machilipatnam(head quarters for east India company before independence) fall somewhere in between.
vishakapatnam or vizag and Araku are places i am in love with for years and i can't stop loving them.
Vizag is one such place in Andhra pradesh blessed with scenic surrondings,It has Monuments, scenic landscapes, fine accessible sand beaches and thickly wooded hills. It is the only place on the east coast where the hills (Eastern Ghats) and the sea meet. 
A view of sea from kalashagiri hill
Sea at its best in the night
Just 8Kms from Vizag, Rushikonda beach is a picture perfect setting with golden sands, surf and sea.
The 25 Kms stretch of road literally hugging the coastline from Visakhapatnam is simply breathtaking. On the way one can venture into beautiful formation of red sand Mountains
situated at a distance of 112 km from Visakhapatnam is Araku valley.The place is over 3200ft. high,A pleasant hill station famous for its scenic gardens with lush green fields, valleys, waterfalls and streams. When you look at it ,you will agree for sure that god has painted it green.

On the way to araku

To enjoy the beauty of lush green fields you need to travel by train
On the way You find one million old Bora caves loaded with limestone.They are at a height of about 800 to 1300 meters above Mean Sea Level.These limestone formation on the caves depict mythological characters.

Ananthagiri hills en route araku are paranomic.This unexplored hill sation offers peaceful environment.
The cofee plantations,mango groves and various other fruit orchards all around the hill have a smell to relish.
Chitrakot falls,a branch of kaveri falling down

As a final note
When we wake and see a sunrise, when we walk and feel a breeze, when we gaze at the mountains and the splendor of the seas, when we see the earth renew its beauty at each season of the year, and when the stars shine at night, we should be so very thankful to the Lord for giving us all these wonderful and miraculous things.
Hope you agree

Bring in Pink

Choosing colors is one of the most important elements in beautiful space designs.
Pink was always reserved for that little girl’s room, 2010 has brought pink in to interior decorating not as girly but strong and feminine.
Pink is pretty, soft, relaxing, romantic, versatile but yet tricky hue to decorate with. Use it intelligently; it can make a room look sophisticated at same time tacky when you over do it.

Pink being a romantic color was naturally confined for bedrooms.blushes of pink suit any room, be it kitchens, dinning, bathrooms or living rooms.

Let’s check out some adventures with pink

A pink Girl bedroom

Pink and coral bedroom interior design
Pic courtesy:

Pink when mixed with other hues
Pic courtesy: Metropolitan Home

Dash of pink everywhere in the kitchen

Pink Interior from BNO Design
 Pic Courtesy:

Country dining room by sue adams

Kitchen in pink

Ceilings are always white, what is this then?
Interior Designer Sara Story’s unique style, Leave the walls white while you paint the ceiling!

Pic Courtesy:

Why can't bathrooms be in pink look at this amazing style and design from aplanalp

If your home needs a visual lift,a bit of pink  may be just what you need!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Temple Architecture in India

Ever observed distinct architectural styles of temple construction in India? The multitude details of these architectural elements and figured sculptures will leave us fascinated. These magnificent structures depict our geographical, climatic, ethnic, racial, historical and linguistic diversities.
Basing on the different architectural styles employed in the construction of temples, three main styles emerged
Nagara or the northern style
Dravida or the southern style
Vesara or Mixed style.

The best examples of the north Indian style (Nagara style) of temple architecture are the Khajuraho Group of temples, Sun temple at Konark, Sun temple at Modhera etc.
The finest examples of Dravidian style (south Indian style) are temples of Tanjore, Madurai, Mahabalipuram and Kanchipuram etc.

The temples that line the length and breadth of the Andhra pradesh stand in silent acknowledgement of centuries of history and the patronage of various kingdoms such as the Cholas and Pallavas of Tamilnadu, the Chalukyas of Deccan , the Eastern Gangas and the Vijayanagar Kings.

Take a glimpse of art and architecture of Andhra Pradesh for Dravidian style.
Come Let’s watch the magic of stone…………

Ramappa temple, Warangal, Andhra Pradesh

Lepakshi temple,Ananthapur

Madhavaraya Temple, Gandikota, Andhra Pradesh

Shrimukhalingam temple in Andhra Pradesh

1000 pillar temple, Hanumakonda, Warangal. Depicts chalukya architecture

Ruins of kakatiya dynasty

The famous 2500 years Sri Shwethambar Jain TirthTemple at Kolanpak located in Nalgonda district, Andhra Pradesh.

The sanctum of the Jain Temple. It took over 16 years of effort to renovate the main temple

Next time when you plan to tour india ,never miss these architectural elements.